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Montreal Chiropractic Care of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a familiar term to many people, especially as we enter the middle to older years of life and suffer with low back pain and leg pain. Spinal stenosis is very likely a factor in the lives of you and your fellow Montreal community members. If such pain is made worse by standing or walking, the term spinal stenosis becomes even more familiar. Spinal stenosis is a common cause of the condition termed intermittent claudication, which is leg pain of a cramp-like nature that occurs with walking or exercise. 
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Let’s look at some common facts and findings of spinal stenosis that may be familiar to our local Montreal neighbors:
  • Clinical signs of spinal stenosis (1) are
    • relief of leg pain when sitting and
    • relief of leg pain when bending forward. 

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis is the most frequent reason for spinal surgery in elderly people. Researchers recommend different conservative and surgical treatment modalities for patients with moderate or severe symptoms. Medical literature cites several different approaches with the ultimate goal to facilitate optimal, knowledge-based and individualized treatment recommendations for patients with symptomatic lumbar spinal stenosis. (2) While researchers continue their study of the various options for spinal stensois relief, Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic is following these reports and offers chiropractic's gentle, research-based 
    Cox Technic
    to relieve spinal stenosis which:     
    • drops intradiscal pressures to as low as -192 mm Hg
    • increases intervertebral disc height
    • increases the foraminal area of the canal by 28% 

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The Goal of Cox Technic
The amount of reduction varies from person to person and is dependent upon many factors. 
The main goal is pain relief.
  • While Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic treats and relieves pain due to spinal stenosis with Cox Technic and produces non-surgical pain relief treatment results that are often quite satisfactory for stenosis patients who just want to be able to go about their daily lives with a bit more ease and comfort, Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic does keep abreast of new surgical options as well.
    • A new surgically implanted decompression device called the X-stop is being used to relieve spinal stenosis and is being followed for its success in pain relief. Even with scoliosis greater than 25 degrees, the use of the X-stop device is reportedly helpful. (3) If Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic's Cox Technic system of spinal distraction manipulation is not sufficient to render adequate and desired relief of spinal stenosis pain, this procedure may be a low risk surgical treatment option to relieve spinal stenosis origin pain for you.

  • Has anyone in Montreal ever said "Misery loves company." It may well be true in this instance. The degree of pain and misery accompanying spinal stenosis determines the outcome of surgically treated patients with spinal stenosis. Patients in the misery group showed greater symptom severity and greater disability than the patients in the non-misery group. (4) Don't be miserable! You'll recover better!
Successful Outcome for Spinal Stenosis Pain Relief
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