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Montreal Chiropractic Treatment Plan Includes Exercise to Prevent Back Pain

Chiropractic and back pain relief fit well. (Montreal chiropractic services abound to encourage that combo!) When your Montreal chiropractor tells someone about being a chiropractor, the other person many times commences telling his/her own story of back pain or leg pain or sciatica or neck pain (or that of a family member)! Your Montreal chiropractor appreciates it! Montreal back pain sufferers are welcomed to come for Montreal chiropractic care to get rid of their current back pain and discover ways to prevent future episodes that they can use and impart to friends and family. One of the biggest tips Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic tells is that exercise (the proper type for each individual) works.


Exercise works to thwart low back pain in most adults. The 12,721 patient study (NHANES) compared those who did no muscle strengthening activity, did it only one day a week, or did it twice weekly. The outcome: exercising with muscle strengthening activities at least (or rather just) 2 days a week decreases the odds of low back pain. (Side note: Smoking impacts this. Recommendation: Don’t smoke.) (1) Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic knows our Montreal chiropractic patients can squeeze in a couple times a week for some exercise like this to lessen the hassle of low back pain!


Exercise as an element of the Montreal chiropractic treatment plan at Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic works for pregnancy-related back pain reduction and prevention. A recent study of findings from 11 studies of 2347 pregnant women shares that exercise lowers the risk of pregnancy-related low back pain. Sick leave due to low back pain during pregnancy is lowered, too. (2) Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic knows our Montreal pregnant patients intend to do what is appropriate for their health as well as their baby’s. Exercise may be awonderful self-care/baby-care activity!


Exercise works for middle-aged employees. Muscle strength bettered and low back pain declined over the course of 5 months for employees who did at-home exercises. Trunk muscle strength and low back pain improved in all workers and for those with pre-existing chronic low back pain. Work ability improved, too. (3) Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic watches your strength and back pain improvement at your Montreal chiropractic appointments.


Schedule a Montreal chiropractic visit with Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic for some tips on exercises to help you relieve Montreal back pain and/or avert Montreal back pain. Montreal chiropractic care and Montreal back pain relief truly go together in Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic’s treatment plan.

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