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"Eat your fruit and veggies!" Mom says, and she's right. Fruit and veggies are great for you. Food is central to your body's nutritional system, but each of us is individual and our nutritional requirements are as well, especially as we age.

The basis for nutrition is the food we eat. We must watch what we eat, it’s true. Today’s food tends to be over-processed, limiting the good nutrition that can be absorbed from it. If we would be plant eaters and organic plant eaters, we’d be set! But most of us live in a busy, fast society, so our nutrition isn’t always what it should be. Nutritional supplements may help us out.

Nutritional supplements may fill the void left by our poor diet or aging or illness or new pain condition.


Let's discuss your specific condition(s) during your next Montreal chiropractic visit. We can then suggest individual recommendations to supplement your food intake and your regular medication routine to potentially enhance your nutrition and well-being. Dr. Hoang's Chiropractic Clinic appreciates being part of your healthcare team in making these healthy lifestyle choices!

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